Healthcare During a Pandemic

Telephone and video natural health consults allow Clients to still have access to natural health services without increasing the risk of spreading or contracting Covid-19.


Glow Health Holistic Health Center is now booking appointments for virtual consultations. Please click book now or call (760-409-3014) to book an initial FREE 10 minute consultation.


 This will provide us time to have a brief discussion to help determine if my services are a good fit for your needs.



Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioners and Nutritionists do not make medical diagnoses and may recommend that clients seek a psychiatrist, psychologist, therapist, MD or other healthcare professional for treatment as needed. Glow Health is not a medical practice and consultations and any functional testing are for health coaching.  We do not take insurance, however some health insurance plans may provide reimbursement for board certified holistic practitioners and nutritionists. Check with your insurance carrier to find out.

The information provided on the Blog Page is for educational and informational purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure or be a substitute for any holistic or allopathic professional advice or care. Please seek the advice of a qualified health care professional in the event something you have read here raises questions or concerns regarding your health.