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Personalized Healthful Support

If you’re here right now, it’s probably because of these things:

  • You are experiencing frustrating health issues you don’t know how to deal with optimally

  • You are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired and you don’t want to feel this way 

  • You are ready for change and you’re wondering what to do next




  • Comprehensive Support: During your first consultation, we will dive into your whole history from the very beginning. A thorough health and issue history will be completed, and any beneficial noninvasive assessments will be suggested and placed as indicated by history and current concerns.

  • Root Cause Management & Guidance: You will be guided and have customized recommendations to help you navigate through healing towards wholeness and optimal, brilliant health. The severity of your current health concerns determines the length of time and effort necessary to get you securely on a suggested healthful path. 

  • Holistic Natural Support: To look at the root causes of your concerns, Glow Health may suggest certain diets, vitamins, minerals, herbs, nutraceuticals. lifestyle changes and other referred suggested natural modalities when indicated.

  • Consistent Guidance: The goal is a consistent connection, following your progress, suggesting as needed, keeping you accountable, and ensuring that progress is in fact being made. Got questions? Send me a text, email, or call! I am here to communicate freely with you as you embark on your health freedom journey.  Outside of scheduled visits, any 5-10min quick concerns can be addressed via email or phone free of charge.

  • Convenience: I will work exclusively with you virtually through 1-on-1, HIPPA compliant, in person and or telephone conferences so I can meet with you wherever you are geographically at a time that is convenient for you. Follow ups usually range from 20 to 60 minutes. Any assessments are sent directly to you and completed at your geographic location.


  • The Time and Attention You Need: Finding suggestions for your health takes time. You won’t feel rushed during our time, I’m here to listen to every detail, educate and advise you so we can focus on the root issues and health concerns. From your initial consult to any follow ups, I will give you the time you need.  Every question or concern you have for me will be appropriately answered.

  • Exclusivity: I only work with individuals who are ready to commit to and experience the life changing results that I help my clients achieve. This exclusivity ensures that we are a good fit for each other, philosophically aligned, and that you get the time and attention you need. Getting healthy is exciting and takes commitment. You are worth it right? As health is your most valuable asset.

  • Integration/Coordination: I will work with you in any circumstance where other medical practitioners are needed as well and will make referrals and/or recommendations to other holistic/ allopathic health specialists if needed. I will, if requested share and communicate freely with your other practitioners or listed parties at your request and discretion, compliance and their willingness. (Permissive forms are required to be signed.)


We’ll be a natural fit for each other and work well together if:


  • You are an individual with frustrating health concerns, and you are determined to optimize your health.

  • You believe you can get better. 

  • You’re willing to commit to the time and effort it takes to better your own health.

  • You’re open to making changes in your lifestyle that may not be easy at first.

  • You want to heal your body and experience better health support, and also to look to prevent future disease.

  • You understand that natural modalities are both effective and science-based but depend on you to carry out.

  • You recognize that your health is your most important asset, and you are willing to invest in yourself and in your future.

  • You are comfortable communicating through telephone or in person consulting for your regular consults.


What doesn't work for your health optimization:

  • You're looking for holistic primary care (I do not provide primary care services).

  • You just want to address a compartmentalized aspect and not your overall health (I take a whole-body approach with all issues because they are all related).

  • You just want a "quick fix".

  • You’re not willing to change your diet or lifestyle in order to improve your health.

  • You're skeptical of natural modalities and need to see more evidence that they work.

  • You're seeking treatment for cancer (I provide supportive means in conjunction with and work alongside your oncologist or primary cancer care practitioner.)

  • You don’t view your health as your most important asset.

  • You're not willing to invest time and money into your health.

  • You do not believe that you can heal.

  • You’re not willing or able to attend an initial consultation with me.

  • You’re not comfortable communicating through telephone and/or video conference.


When you engage in Glow Health Wellness, you’ll experience a complete shift in how you think, feel and live.


Does it sound like we’re a good fit for each other? I’m ready if you are and excited to meet with you. 

. Please click book now or call (760-409-3014) to book an initial FREE 10 minute consultation.



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