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Systematic Candidiasis- Stop the Takeover!

Why Does IT Keep Coming Back!

Photo: Pathogenic mycelial Candida

Various candida organisms can be a normal inhabitant of the digestive system and part of our microbiome in low levels. However, candida has the potential to overpopulate the bowel leading to various symptoms of bloating, gas, constipation, etc. Candida can also become invasive within the digestive system leading to leaky gut, increase immune activity and systemic reactivity.

One of the challenges faced today is the fungal infection, Candida, or systematic Candidiasis meaning, in all the body.

Candida parasitic functions:

  1. Gobbling up any putrefied food matter in our digestive system, which is mostly caused by improper digestion

  2. The cell can transform itself from the normal bud state into the mycelial state where filament roots invade deep into mucosa in search for nourishment

Wherever the yeast colonize they can generate free radicals, cause inflammation in the intestines, vaginal or rectal itchiness, heartburn, bloating, gas, brain fog, skin rashes, allergies, cravings, and the list can go on. The mycelial release 79 different toxic by-products that can damage specific tissues and organs and will then determine which symptoms will be experienced. These mycotoxins can compete with different hormone receptor sites and also cause deficiency states. And yes, it can happen to all ages!

There are a wide variety of signs and symptoms and we use a specific questionnaire that can systematically provide a good, overall picture before following up with a functional GI lab test. At Glow Health, we use a comprehensive, holistic protocol that was developed by Dr. George Georgiou

and focuses on:


Dietary Factors-GI integrity

Other Potential Toxins/Pathogens/Infections etc.

Starving the Candida

Killing the Candida- specific blended supplements/ repopulation of specific friendly bacteria/ isopathic remedies- regulates the dysbiosis and convert the mycelia form back to the normal form

Blocking Factors of Recovery

Balancing Body Chemistry- help support the body once again to regain and maintain control

Source: Systematic Candidiasis Pandemic of the 21st Century, Dr. George John Georgiou

To schedule a 15minute FREE consult call Glow Health 760-409-3014

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