Reishi, also known as Ling Zhi and Ganoderma Lucidum, is found in many parts of the world on a wide variety of trees. It has also been called by a number of other names including:

“God’s Herb” and “10000 Year Mushroom.”

Many tonic herbalists agree that if everyone was taking Reishi, the world would be a much better place. It increases your sense of well-being and may enhance your personal evolution.*

It has the highest reputation in China and surrounding areas, even being displayed along with gods and goddesses in their artwork and temples, like on top of the pinnacle in the middle in the art below.

Among the therapeutic mushrooms, the organic Reishi herb has been studied more than any other, because of its historic reputation.

The active constituents of Reishi include:

Beta Glucans – Most Important for Immune System Support*GanoderansTriterpenes (including Ganoderic and Ganoderenic Acids)Ling Zhi-8 Protein

More than 100 distinct polysaccharides and 119 triterpenoids have been isolated from reishi!

While Reishi has been the subject of many studies, only a fraction of these compounds have been investigated for their full effects.

Real Mushroom Extract, Not Mycelium Grown on Grain

Most therapeutic mushrooms sold in the US are mycelium grown on grain. These have been tested to have far fewer components, like beta-glucans, triterpenes and more, than real mushroom fruiting bodies. In fact, most of what is sold to you from other companies are just starch from the grain that it is grown on.

Further, the mushrooms cannot produce the same components when grown on grain as on their natural environment, aka wood. Reishi needs to grow on wood to produce triterpenes which provide its bitter flavor, not to mention many benefits.

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