Address the root cause & support the body holistically instead of masking the symptoms 

Holistic Health Consultations

Our bodies have an incredible ability to self-heal. The primary role of a board certified holistic health practitioner is to facilitate healing by identifying and then removing obstacles preventing optimal health.   Along with each client, supporting the creation and maintenance of a healthy internal and external environment so that each person can live their best life.

By Taking The Time to Understand The Whole Person We aim to uncover the root of "Dis-ease".

Health and illness are dependent on a combination of many factors including physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, environmental, chemical, hormonal, social, and so on, It is necessary to take all of these factors into account when treating the whole person. When these factors are functioning harmoniously it sets up the optimal environment for our bodies to heal, recover from illness, and prevent future disease.

What To Expect

All initial appointments are booked as a First Visit Holistic Appointment. This allows for the assessment of each client through multiple health systems, to better arrive at the root concerns. The initial consultation is a one hour appointment for $150.  Follow up appointments are based on 85.00/per hour.

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