A Holistic Functional Approach to Weight Loss

Why do obesity statistics continue to increase?

Some ideas: We eat fewer whole foods and more processed foods, more inflammatory foods, and we’re taking in more environmental toxins. Many of us work sedentary jobs and don’t get enough exercise. We’re not eating enough foods rich in probiotics and prebiotics that support gut health.

At the same time, these are simple answers to a complicated problem. Like many diseases, obesity is multifactorial. We look at the whole person to determine the underlying reasons you might be overweight. Even if it “runs in your family,” genetics are far from the whole story when it comes to obesity.

Instead, examples to look at are toxins, metabolic, hormonal, environmental, pathogens and co-infections, gastrointestinal issues, mineral/vitamin ratios and deficiencies, mold mycotoxins, and other factors that might be keeping one from losing weight. While that sounds complex, the underlying approach for weight loss is really simple: Take out the bad and add in the good.

The Solution

Research shows: Weight loss provides significant health and economic benefits. You look better, feel more confident, reduce your risk for nearly every disease including type 2 diabetes, and increase longevity. As long as you do it intelligently and healthily, there is no downside to becoming your ideal weight.

Every client is different. We take the time to really get to know the client, understand why obesity became a problem, and create a customized protocol based on  budget, preferences, and particular needs. That takes time and effort, but this comprehensive approach not only helps you reach your goal weight but maintain it and great health for your life time.

To learn more about the underlying principles used with clients to lose thousands of pounds and keep them off, book your consult today. Losing weight starts with your diet, but lifestyle modifications are also crucial to lose weight and keep it off. 

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