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Often times lab tests come back "NORMAL" but the feeling of "WELLNESS" is not there

Non Invasive/Functional Testing

Simple blood tests may not always offer enough information and often serum, urinary and salivary measurements provide a more comprehensive representation of functional health status. More sophisticated testing can be useful to solve, complex conditions more rapidly by providing more targeted therapy. These tests can be used to assess multiple external inputs and biological systems including: metabolic, genetic, oncologic, infectious, immunological, inflammatory, allergic, autoimmune, hormonal, estrogenic, adrenal, nutritional, cardiovascular, neurologic, gastrointestinal, hepatic, environmental oxidative and cytosolic.


Organic Acids 

Toxic NON METAL Chemical Profile

Food Allergy and Environmental


MOLD MycoTOXin Profile

Advanced Cholesterol Profile

Amino Acids

Comprehensive Stool - GI Diseases/Leaky Gut

Immune Deficiency Profile

Toxic Metals Testing

Microbiology Testing

Vitamin/ Mineral Raito Profile

Nutritional Markers

Thyroid Profile

Genetic Variance Testing

BNP- Brain Natriuretic Peptide


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