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Natural Pharmacy

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NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTScan be found in the grocery store, local pharmacy, health food stores, box stores and  online. We are left with the impression that we will not be healthy or meet our nutritional needs without them but the variety of supplements available can be overwhelming and the general public may not know what is really necessary for their individual needs. As a result, people end up taking too many supplements or none at all potentially creating an imbalance.

It is our goal to educate and guide clients towards the appropriate, affordable products specific to their needs as determined by consultations.

Supplements are supplementary to a healthy diet and lifestyle. No supplement will erase the effects of poor diet and lifestyle choices. Using supplements wisely is the best way to go.

Currently any products and test kits can be picked up in person or drop shipped to your address!

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BOTANICAL REMEDIES- have been used effectively for centuries. Before we had pharmaceutical medicine, we relied heavily on plant medicine to support health and treat disease. In fact, many pharmaceuticals are based on active components found in botanicals.

Ancient cultures may not have had the ability to identify the active ingredients in herbal remedies, but they knew how to effectively use plant-based medicine through the passage of knowledge from one generation to the next.

Today, we have the ability to study plants and differentiate the active ingredients. We have a deeper understanding of the biochemical effects of each of these components individually along with the synergistic effects when individual components are combined. 

Herbs and Plants have come a long way and have achieved recognition for  effectiveness in both alternative and conventional means of optimizing health.

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HOMEOPATHIC REMEDIES- a gentle, and natural system that works with your body to relieve symptoms, restore itself, and improve your overall health. It is extremely safe to use, even with very small children and pets, has none of the side effects of many traditional medications, is very affordable, is made from natural substances, and is FDA regulated. Homeopathic medicines – known as “remedies”– are made from natural sources (e.g., plants, minerals), and are environmentally friendly and cruelty free. They can be used alongside conventional drugs without changing their effect or mode of action. Homeopathy does not contradict conventional treatment but offers to work alongside with it, further assisting a person's process to holistic well being. It also offers a safe option for those who are sensitive and seeking other alternatives. 

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